Security Awareness: Applying Practical Security in Your World

Network Security
Designed to provide you with the knowledge needed to protect computers and networks from increasingly sophisticated attacks, SECURITY AWARENESS: APPLYING PRACTICE SECURITY IN YOUR WORLD, Fourth Edition continues to present the same straightforward, practical information that has made previous editions so popular. For most computer users, practical computer security poses some daunting challenges: What type of attacks will antivirus software prevent? How do I set up a firewall? How can I test my computer to be sure that attackers cannot reach it through the Internet? When and how should I install Windows patches? This text is designed to help you understand the answers to these questions through a series of real-life user experiences. In addition, hands-on projects and case projects give you the opportunity to test your knowledge and apply what you have learned. SECURITY AWARENESS: APPLYING PRACTICE SECURITY IN YOUR WORLD, Fourth Edition contains up-to-date information on relevant topics such as protecting mobile devices and wireless local area networks.

PRACTICAL APPROACH: Students will learn about the different attacks that a computer system faces today and how to make their own computers secure.
BEGINNER-FRIENDLY: No previous in-depth knowledge of networks, system hardware, or operating systems is required therefore students can immediately learn the steps of keeping the attackers from infecting their computers.
REAL WORLD APPLICATION: Background material will help students apply practical security knowledge to various computers, networks, and software.
MULTIPLE AUDIENCES: This book meets the needs of students and faculty in a traditional classroom setting as well as in an online delivery of the course materials.
HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES: Hands-on activities can be performed using either equipment installed on a college campus or using personal computer equipment at home. Almost all hands-on activities cover software that is included as part of the Windows operating system or is a free download from the Internet. A special classroom computer lab is not necessary in order to perform the hands-on activities.

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