When I Met Food: Living the American Restaurant Dream

Restaurant & Food
Kathy Sidell’s earliest memories bring her back to food. At age 5 she was taken with her grandmother’s artistry in the kitchen, and even more so by the big, family meals shared on the front porch of their seaside home. Though raised among foodies– her mother, a talented home entertainer; her banker father who single-handedly is credited for building the restaurant business in Boston; and her sister, now a chef and restaurateur– Kathy’s route to food was not as linear. Her early life as a film producer developed her love for story, themes, and setting. But by age 47, she found herself drawn back to food and the risk of restaurant life. When I Met Food chronicles this adventure, from how she selected her first location to the careful branding decisions required to build a highly successful restaurant enterprise in metropolitan Boston. In this engaging book, Kathy shares her business savvy peppered with encounters with influential people and even favorite recipes for the aspiring chef.

Purple Nitrile-Xtra Powder-Free Disposable Gloves - Size L, Model 50603

Nitrile Gloves
Protect yourself with snug-fitting PURPLE NITRILE* Xtra* gloves. Enhanced design provides test-proven splash-exposure protection against ten common chemotherapy antineoplastic drugs and glutaraldehyde. Textured fingertips ensure excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Nitrile, synthetic rubber construction eliminates the possibility of latex-oriented allergic reactions. Style: All Purpose; Wrist Style: Beaded Cuff; Material(s): Nitrile. Includes 500 gloves per case, 10 boxes of 50 gloves.

6 mil thickness.
Textured fingertips.
Beaded cuff.
Natural Rubber Latex-Free.
Cleared for use in Chemotherapy. One box of 50.