Siege 63011 Golf Club Restoration Kit

Home & Kitchen
Siege's golf club restoration and scratch remover kit will remove damage and scratches caused by the wear and tear of time and use. Your golf clubs will have a renewed and uniform finish, with enhanced appearance and playability.

Easy to use directions
Hi tech silicone carbide refurbishing pads and liquid
Restores the overall beauty of your clubs
Use only on the stainless steel parts of your clubs, do not use on wood
Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions

The Amazing Trampoline Game Book on CD!

JumpSport's Amazing Trampoline Book has more than a dozen great games to play on your JumpSport or AlleyOop trampoline. You will be sent a downloadable PDF file on CD that includes the games right away, so you can get out to the backyard to endless hours of fun!
Some of the games include:
1. Lasers!
2. Lilypads
3. Piranha Mania
4. King of the Ring

and more than 10 others for only one dollar!

Please Note: Some of these games require the bungees found in the JumpSport Game and Party Pak.

Variety of Games
Designed Specially for JumpSport/AlleyOop Trampolines
Best with Game and Party Pak